Online plans

It’s essential that the people creating your online tools have a fairly deep understanding of your business.

We supervise a workshop where we pick your brains and reach a common understanding about your business and how online marketing can serve it. Then we incorporate the workshop results into general site strategy plans.

What we do at the workshop:

  • Research: We review your company background in preparation prior to meeting.
  • Reach a common understanding: We present the principles of online communication as they relate to your business.
  • Pick your brains: We gain a deeper knowledge of your business directly from you: your offering, target market, audiences, competition and goals
  • Brainstorm: Together, we put this information within the context of online marketing

What the framework includes:

  • Top level goals: High level goals for each area including what we want the target audience to take away from a visit
  • Conceptual view of elements: A graphical view of how the different parts of each area should be prioritized
  • Communication platform: What we want the target audience to know and to feel after visiting each area
  • Actions: Which actions is it reasonable to assume that the target audience will want to do, and also serve a purpose for you in terms of your business goals?
  • Measurements: Which web statistics will we use to measure success over time?

Web copy – Search engine optimization and compelling messaging

Effective web copy is a balance between content that is search-engine friendly and friendly to human readers.

In other words, your copy has to work to help you get found on Google and other search engines, and be compelling and easy to scan for your website’s target audiences.

Human-friendly web copy should be:

  • Scannable: Logically organized headings, subheadings, bullet points and links make it easy for web visitors to get a quick overview.
  • General to specific: Unlike print copy, readers don’t necessarily view all the copy and don’t necessarily read it in a particular order. With the help of links, they should be able to read as much or as little detail as they need.
  • Straightforward: In general, web readers do not have a lot of patience. The tone of voice should be short, sharp and to the point.

What we offer to help make copy friendly to humans:

  • A web copy platform and messaging document that will help the copywriter stay on target. (If you already have messaging document, we’ll incorporate it into the web copy platform.) Thinking from your target audience’s point of view, messages that are important, memorable, believable and as unique as possible are highlighted.
  • We can deliver complete copy for your website, part of it, or work closely with your own copywriter.

Search-engine friendly copy:

Before you can begin to optimize pages for search engines, you need to analyze which words are most popular among your target group, and of those, which have the least competition. You’re looking for words that are:

  • Relevant: Words that both relate to the offering and are being searched for in large numbers.
  • Available: The selection takes into account the level to which other websites are optimized for the words.
  • Important: They coincide with what has been determined as the right messaging for the business, offerings, company and target audiences.