Website Doctors help Debriefing Software launch healthy B2B site

Over the last 10 years, Debriefing Software has had great success with their cloud-based Storage Resource Management solution in Denmark. Their customers include household names like Lego and B&O. As part of their preparation to expand globally, the company built a new website.

Wanted: A site that makes people take action

While they were happy with the look and feel, they felt their message wasn’t really getting across. Furthermore, the communication wasn’t geared towards getting visitors to take important actions like registering for a free trial or making contact about a potential partnership.

The site is now live

Website Doctors has been working closely with Debriefing Software to create an international site that works towards their business goals. Phase 1 of the project has been completed, and the website is live. This phase included workshops and research that resulted in:

  • A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) report
  • A messaging document
  • Definition of strategy and goals
  • A strategic framework for each area of the website
  • A blueprint for implementation of the website
  • Action-oriented and search-engine optimized web copy and videos (see below)

Phase of the project will include a plan for creating social media, which like everything we’ve done so far, will have a direct connection to their most important business goals.

Visit the Debriefing Software website (or see screenshot below the video)

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